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Marketing alone is not a sales or marketing activities. The definition of after-sales customer satisfaction process that includes pre-production activities, the company also strives for customer satisfaction is written. Needed, based on company market opportunity analysis, marketing and consumer behavior is to create a strategy-oriented restructuring. Why?
Now in progress in many areas, consumers are buying more and more selective. We evaluate the properties of the product should grow. In other words, according to the achievement of the economy only to ensure maximum satisfaction, product / brand, see the selection.
Many factors in consumer behavior that we want to talk about the case itself (internal factors) or outside (external factors) that contributed by the derivative sense, these internal factors include: motivation, attitude, personality, and the savings learning process. While external factors, including: cultural factors, family, reference groups, social class, economic and demographic (James F. Engel, 1995: 10).
Consumer behavior, James F. Angel (Tjiptono Fandy, 1997: 19) used in accordance with the obligation to go directly to the products and services to the behavior of people can participate identify. Also included in the before or after such action, decision-making processes. Purchase and there are many aspects of a product for the type of pricing, its product names, trademarks, service marks, and the types of benefits felt.

Consumers are less important one of the most important considerations is the quality of the product. Philip Kotler (2004: 347), based on a quality product in the execution of tasks closely related to the ability of the can Durability, reliability, accuracy and ease of use and repair, and other characteristics of value: this is included.
Promotion Continuous quality of the product and protection, this should not be considered trivial in business advertising. There is also an important part of marketing activities. The target brand (brand) product or company awareness and image (photo) is promoting.
Absorbed by the market for your product if it company to communicate in an attempt to think of a variety of media influence, consumers buy their products are invited. It is an important determinant of success in marketing activities that were not exaggerated to say.
Asset quality, but without sufficient funds in the near future, consumers will find products as well. This product causes Kekurangpemahaman in the minds of potential buyers may have many questions: the size appropriate for the product itself?
Tjiptono by Fandy (1997: 219), and then try to convey information and activities, impact and / / try to convince the audience of the company and its products to promote is to remember. Loyaitas purchase of products that the market is willing to accept individual experience and training.
As follows: change (1) action (2) Information (3) satisfy (4) Warning: ads to the four goals, and the second is Swastha Basu and Irawan (353 1990), who meet four criteria listed above, until the campaign was successful. He's brand image and quality increases as more consumers buy their products need to be able to persuade the audience.
The advantage of a consumer at least the following product benefits of the product convincing knows, the strength is expected to increase sales. To improve the benefit: consistent with achieving the business objectives.
Now, the rapid economic competition, and all sales materials used in the industry is intense. Information Demikan case. It is no longer needed.
Information Literacy (information on the control diet), and became a strategic asset for the public. Some studies require a row of 10 communities after 9 points (: totok Djuroto 5, 2000) should be noted that.

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