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Set goals
Guide together in the project to your destination. Is it your goal to sell your products online customer support to promote, Investor Relations? Carefully decide and document with clear objectives.
Identify critical success factors, the things they know at the end of the project IA so that when you have success. Make them measurable so you know, you do so Äôve. For example, the development of the site led to an increase in online sales by 25% at the end of the year.
Stakeholder Analysis
Those affected are people with an interest in your project, SOA success (or failure). Decide who they are and if they support your project. Conduct stakeholder analysis by ranking (high or low), based on how they are motivated to help (or block) of your project and how influential (high or low) are.
People who are very influential and supportive is your ally. Get help if you can. Strive to influence people against the two most influential and your project if they can be used to reduce damage to your project.
While analyzing your stakeholders to develop strategies to deal with each stakeholder group.
Determine the contributions
Posts tangible things that are created during the project. Discussion with key stakeholders to determine the mission. Your site design is a presentation of web pages and site map for use by the programming team? If the content of each page? Write them down.
To consult key stakeholders, and show precisely the elements to provide what they want.

Decide how you will achieve your goals. This means planning the number of people, resources and budgets. When delivering this at home, choose the activities required to produce each deliverable.
For example, you can create a web designer to select the layout and navigation scheme for developing countries. You can give a team of marketing, technical information and photos. They have a financial manager to set up a merchant account and payment gateway for e-commerce transactions through your website. When outsourcing work to provide exactly what the entrepreneurs need.
Estimate the time and effort required for each activity and decide on a realistic timetable and budget. Ensure that key stakeholders review and approve plans and budgets.
Communications Planning
Holding a kickoff meeting with the team and explained the plan. Make sure everyone knows that the plan and what is expected of them.
For example, a web designer know that it is the layout and graphics of navigation Head of Marketing for AOS production requirements. He should know, can be expected, the start and end times.
Share your project team communication. This should include a reporting template, the frequency of reports and meetings, and details how the conflict between the team and its members are completed.
Project monitoring
Constant monitoring of the differences between schedules, actual and projected costs and scope required. Report deviations from the main actors and corrective actions if deviations occur. To juggle the project on monitoring costs, scope and schedule.
Suppose the programmer to your technical problems that threatened to delay the project. You can re-adapt to the new time, or to reduce other tasks. If OSA is not possible to set a budget increase for additional programmers, or consider the space in other areas.
Be aware that any changes you make can be planned to influence the quality of submissions. If you need to increase the budget for approval by the sponsor.
Change Management
Once started, any changes to the project. The decision to transform a simple strategy with key stakeholders. This is a committee to accept or reject the changes and one or more parties decide.
The effects of changes in cost, size and timing. The decision to accept or reject changes. Realize that changes you, the less chance you have completed the project on time and within budget unless you reduce the space to go into other areas.
Suppose the marketing manager wanted a pop-up window paste to display an image full size products. The impact of these changes. You may need to change some of the remaining tasks and eliminate the budget. Or is unlikely to change that without increased funding or schedule.
Don, AOT blindly accept changes without assessing the impact of the project is exceeded.
Risk events that could affect the influence of the project's success. Identify the risks for a first project. Determine whether the risk of possible or impossible. Determine whether the impact of the project is high or low.
Risks, which should have a big impact and risk the worst. An important outcome of risk, the risk or impact, but the possibility is great threat. It is impossible, and the limited impact on the risk of threats.
Make a plan to reduce the necessary measures to reduce the impact if the risk occurs. Start to go with the most serious risks first, then with a medium risk. Regular risk. Add new if they occur.
Suppose the marketing manager can not decide what he wants on the site. Without knowing what they want marketing manager, website can not the team's expectations. They evaluate the risk is very likely, because the impact and high. Mitigation plan that will be available to your Web pages are reviewed by an administrator in the early creators of the project developed.
Make best practices in project management, project development of your site, offer the best chance of success.

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